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Related post: Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 04:40:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part 27RELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Twenty Seven A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk underage incest photos all of Pete's stories at suppose the first time you have to jerk off for another guy to watch is the worst. Certainly it seemed to be for Luke. I told him to assume underage angels pics the proper position for a slave doing it in front of his owner - kneeling, knees apart, heels together, back straight, butt resting on the heels.... "And make sure you look at me", I added. "I want to see the look on your face as you reach a climax."He hated it at first, and I know it was only the threat of being hit again that forced him to continue doing it. I know how I'd felt when I'd had my first "exhibition" like this, but Luke needed to learn, and learn soon, that as a slave he had to do what his owner wanted. I was being kind to him, really - who knows where his life might underage defloration hardcore ultimately lead, and the sooner he got to think and act like a slave, the easier it would be for him in the long run. Not that I had any intention of selling him, of course, but you never know, do you? Suppose I got convicted of some crime and was enslaved underage school girl myself, this time for ever, then Luke would of necessity be "on the open market" and a new owner buying a young guy like him would certainly want him to perform sexually. masturbation underage boy So I sat hard underage rape there watching him, impassively, underaged rape pics as he stroked at his dick that at first hung there soft and lifeless, but then as always happens, even in the most dire circumstances I find, under the physical stimulation of his hand Luke's dick hardened, and he was soon able to work away properly at it. He was only sixteen, as I've told you, so it didn't take long for him to get near to shooting - I could see tiny drops of pre-cum straying out and noticed the way his foreskin slid as his dick got slicker and slicker. His breathing was deeper and harder and there were small underage panty pics beads of sweat all over his face and shoulders as he knelt there in front of me.Just as he was about to shoot, I snapped "Catch your cum - put your other hand under it - the carpet in here underage porn european is bad enough already... And be careful: any that does spill will have to be licked up, and it's pretty disgusting down there...."He gasped and moaned as his cum shot into his cupped palm, and then he carried on kneeling there, his breathing slowing, as he looked down at the slimy white mess in his hand.It's one thing I regret about not being Luke's age again - the sheer volume of cum I used to shoot. As I've got older the volume has definitely diminished, and now, looking at Luke's ejaculation, I was really very envious (although I wouldn't want to be sixteen again for any other reason - all that uncertainty and lack of experience of life, and a body that's still not hard and strong). I smiled at him to encourage him "Good! Now we don't want to waste it - so lick it up and swallow it.""NO!". He sounded horrified."Don't be stupid, Luke. It won't be the first time, I'll bet. All guys try their cum at least once. I know I did when I underage pedo sex was a kid. Now, unless you want me to beat you again, get your hand up to your fucking mouth and lick all that cum down!"Slowly, very slowly, he raised his hand up to his mouth, fkk underage and I saw his tongue come out. I think he was putting it on a underage nude anime bit: there's no need to choke underage naked teens and gag when you eat cum, is there? Especially not when it's your own - I mean the taste isn't at all like the smell, is it? Still, he did it, and I underage teenfucking leaned forward and ruffled my fingers through the latex model underage stubble underage porno site of his hair, to show him I was pleased with him. "That's a good start", I told him. "You need to get used to the taste of cum as I I porn underage teen don't think it's fair on the maids to soil the sheets, and I don't like all those bits of toilet tissue in the bed."He stared at me as if I'd come from a different planet. But before he could say anything I went on "So pull on your clothes now, and we'll go down to the bus underage teen blow station and book tickets for tomorrow.""Aren't we staying here.... It's my home....""Not any nude underage kid more it isn't. Your 'home' is with me now - you're my slave, remember - well, at least for the next five years. So wherever I am, that will be 'home' for you. And we need to go and collect your brother - he's not as well off as you are as he's a permanent slave and will never be free, but at least he'll have a better life now I own him - it was only a matter of time before he got too old to be a gladiator: there are always younger, fitter, stronger guys coming along behind you, and it's good that I'm getting him out at the peak of his career.""Did he fight with you, Steve?""No, actually. Well we were occasionally in the same 'team' when underage pedoporn there was a team display, but Jamie's a different type of fighter from me: I'm a 'bruiser' as they call it - punching and body slamming and stuff like that. Jamie's a wrestler and kick boxer - more agile.""So you could really hurt your opponent, then."I nodded. "And Jamie can, too. You wouldn't want to take one of his kicks, unless you know how to parry the blow. It's a serious business, and gladiators of all kinds get badly injured. Think about it - a kick from a tough young guy like your brother landing in the wrong place.... Still, I don't suppose you remember him all that well as you'd only have been eleven when he left, but think of yourself but with a few more pounds of pure muscle, really trained to use your fists and feet to disable another guy. Oh, and a couple of other things, too - he's had a few things done to his body... But don't underage drinking consequences worry about it, nothing all that serious""Is that what you're going to make me do, then - fight?""No. I've had enough of being a gladiator, and I reckon Jamie will have, too. So I'll look around for normal jobs for us - working construction, stuff like that. And as my slave you can do the same thing.""What about school?""That's over for you, at least until you're free again. It was never easy to make a living as a construction underage teen 14yo labourer even before all the slaves started to appear, and I reckon now it will be even harder: why should they pay a free man a living wage, when they can buy a slave, who will probably work harder anyway, as he can work under the underage gallery post lash? So I think all three of us will have to work, and work hard." I looked at him as he stood there holding his shorts, about to pull them on. At least he seemed to be getting over being shy in front of me, so making him jerk off had had a good effect. "Still, working hard as a labourer will do you good - help you put on proper muscle, not like that stuff you get from working out in a gym. You'll appreciate it one day."I wanted to get tickets for the next day n the hope of getting a better price, so we set out then underage forbidden fruit for the booking office. At the bus station I decided to lash out a bit and bought Luke a ticket so he could sit next to me - the service on the new long-distance buses had just introduced the special slave compartments underage teens videos underneath, at lower prices. I looked into one of them and saw how cramped they were, with no windows and no proper seats, and decided that I didn't want to risk Luke getting fucked or something by some slave lying next to him down there. He didn't seem grateful, nude underage porn though, and pointed out that when they went anywhere they usually went in his dad's SUV, and I had to remind him that that was "before" - before he became my slave.On the way back we stopped at a diner, and he went to order a burger and fries, with a big shake topless under age to drink, but I slapped him on the belly, grinned and said "You've got a pound or so to lose there, or, at least, to be turned into muscle. So no more grease." And instead I ordered him a piece a piece of plain broiled fish and salad, and said that he would drink water. When it came Luke toyed with it and said he didn't really like fish, and he wanted something else. I shrugged, and told him "Eat it or leave it, I don't care. But you're getting nothing else uncensored videos underage tonight. So unless you want to go to bed hungry, eat it down."When we got back to the motel there was a bit of trouble when I told him to shower, then climbed in with him. He didn't want to wash me - or have me wash him - and I needed to slap him a couple of times to get him to understand that there's nothing wrong with soaping another guy's body in the shower - us gladiators did it all the time, as you know. And even if he didn't like it, it didn't matter as that's how I liked it, and I was not only his owner but was bigger and stronger than he was, so what I wanted was what went.It was the same going to bed, too - he wanted to wear his shorts, which is stupid, isn't it? A man's balls need to be cool in bed, and sleeping naked is much the best thing. He tried to do what he'd talked about earlier and pulled a spare blanket out underage teen naked of the cupboard to use on the chair, but I insisted he got into bed properly - and then he clung onto the edge, his back turned away from me, as if sleeping next to another guy was in somehow wrong! But "start as you intend to go on" is what I believe in, so I curled an arm around his body and pulled him into the centre of the bed next to me. I turned him over so we were face to face, and reached down and began to stroke his underage teens nude dick "Come on, Luke - do the same to me", I told him in a calm, quiet, gentle voice."No, I'm not a fag....", he spluttered. "Leave me alone....""Listen, Luke. It's not a 'fag' thing to jerk off the guy you're sharing your bed with. It's just a courtesy. Us gladiators did it all the time. You need a good night's sleep, and underage teen underwear you won't get that if you need to shoot, and if you're constantly worried about touching the body of the other guy. So jerking each other off is the sensible thing to do: all that tension will dissipate. " I stopped for a moment, pulled him a bit closer to me, slid his 'skin back, and stroked my thumb over his piss slit. "Any, anyway, it's a whole lot of fun, as you'll soon find out."He wasn't convinced at first, underaged fucking vids but as underage models xxx I carried on stroking his dick the inevitable happened and I could feel his pre-cum sliming my hand. Then, at the moment he was about to shoot, I ducked my head down, took his dick into my mouth and used my tongue to excite him that last step into shooting. And he's one of those guys who's incredibly sensitive once he's shot, I discovered, underage nude teen as he began to squirm and cry out as I carried on gently licking and sucking him as the remains of his cum dribbled out.We lay there then, close together, both laughing. "See?", I managed to gasp. "I told you it was fun, didn't I?""Yes, Steve. But it's wrong. You know that.""No I don't. Why's it wrong?""Steve, you're not supposed to jerk pedo underage gallery off at all - you're supposed to save yourself for your wife. And the pastor says that two guys together is an 'abomination' - he has all the guys after church on Sunday and reads us the bits of the bible that say you're not supposed to spill your seed on the ground, and....""Whoa! So that's where all this nonsense is coming from, is it? Did he also read you the bit about stoning anyone found in adultery? Or the nonsense about walking on the water? Or any of that other improbable rubbish like people rising from the dead? Look, Luke, it's perfectly simple: anything that two people decide youth pussy underage to do together that doesn't hurt anyone else is fine - that's all you've got to know. Forget about the mythical sayings of some big juju in the sky, and do what's right - if you enjoy it, and it doesn't harm anyone else, that's all you need to think about. And you enjoyed what I just did to you, didn't you?""Yes, but....""No 'buts'. Simply think about what I said." I paused, and pulled him close to me again, and added "And, anyway, it doesn't matter. You're a slave now, and a slave does free underage cp what his owner says. And it's your turn to jerk me off...."Very, very hesitantly he reached down and curled his fingers around my dick - I was hard already, of course (who wouldn't be, when you're cuddled up against another guy and you've just jerked him off?). And although he wasn't all that underage porn competent, I made little encouraging noises, and nuzzled him in that erotic place where the neck joins the shoulders to help enthuse him. I didn't want to go too far that first time, though, so when I felt myself starting to shoot I didn't force his head down to finish me off, and instead caught my cum in my hand. Then, as we lay there, underage nonnude models I brought my hand up to show him. "See - you don't realise how lucky you are, Luke, at sixteen: youngporn underage even though I'm a virile kind of guy, look how little I cum compared to that load you shot."He wrinkled his nose up, and tried to push my hand away. "Now don't be stupid!", I chided him. "It's only cum. You know what it smells like. And we know you know what it tastes like, as you ate underage sexy wet your own, earlier. So lick mine off pictures nude underage my hand now - as told you, it's not fair on the maid to leave a mess over the sheets."I could see he wasn't going to do it, however close I held my hand to his lips. And I didn't want to have to hit him again (which is difficult anyway when one hand is full of your cum!). So, as he watched, fascinated, I held my hand to my face and slurped and licked it all into my mouth, as I smiled at him. I felt his body relax a bit as I did this, as if he sensed that there was no longer any danger to him, and quick as a flash I brought my hand behind his head, pulled his face to mine, and thrust my tongue into his mouth. He began to wriggle and struggle, but he had no chance - I tongue fucked his mouth, letting him feel my tongue probing his teeth and his own tongue, then I broke away."There! That wasn't so bad, was it? You get to taste my cum and see what it feels like to kiss properly.""You bastard....""Luke, let's get one thing straight, shall we? I don't like you calling me names. And even though we're now nice and snug next to each other in bed, it's easy for me to spank you again. Do you understand?"He lay there, sullenly silent. So I reached down and took his balls in my hand. He tried to push me away, underage girl pictures without success, obviously. "...and another thing, Luke, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer! Do you understand?"I squeezed his balls gently to emphasise to him that I was completely in control of him, and he got the sweet underage model message. "Yes, Steve", horny underaged he muttered, but I didn't much like his tone. Still, there's no point in trying to do everything at once, is there?Look, I know some of you may think I was being really tough on Luke, but I reckon it's best a young guy like that learns right from the start what's expected of him. That's where his father, Tom, had gone wrong I reckon - with both him and Jamie. He's been too lenient, and they'd never really understood how to behave properly. Luke's life was going to be very different for the next five years, and he was underage search engine going to have to live with Jamie and me - and without a lot of money, we'd be living in very close proximity. So the sooner he got to know how us guys got on, and learned to fit in properly, the better.He actually slept very well - which shows you how right I was to insist he shot a load before going to sleep. One thing I do find is that some guys toss and turn an awful lot during the night, and that disturbs drink underage me. Most underage little lola of the gladiators "learned" that this wasn't a good idea in the narrow bunks we had at the school, but it was good that Jamie was relatively still from the beginning underage russian virgins - I "spooned up" to him and curled my arm across his body so that my palm was resting on the flat of his belly, and I think that helped to reassure him that I was there for him. And, of course, when I did wake in the middle of the night, I was able to enjoy having my hard dick nestle in the crack between his butt cheeks - there's something really comforting about the was a guy's butt feels like that, isn't there?I would have had him jerk me off the following morning, underage nude boy but we were running late so there was only time to shower (he seemed reconciled to soaping my back, and even slid his hand down my butt when I told him), and we grabbed breakfast "on the run" to the bus station.The bus journey was uneventful and boring, and I had decided to break it in two by stopping overnight on the way. In the small town we stopped at there were only a couple of motels, but they were on the outskirts and so I told underage model blog Luke we were going to jog there, as we needed the exercise after so much inactivity. As we ran, I was a but surprised: It was the first time I'd seen "pony taxis", actually, as they didn't have them where Luke lived or in the city where Jon and Anne did, but out free nude underage there in the middle of nowhere I guess the farmers found having a slave to pull them around was more convenient, and so the habit had spread underaged nipple pictures - as we jogged (well, ran, as I needed a good work out), we passed several underage undress of them.I let Luke have a steak that night (but with salad, and not the fries he wanted), and even gave him a beer, too. The sexy underage teen waiter asked a underage thumbnail gallery lot of stupid questions about how old underage young fuck Luke was, and didn't at first want to serve him as Luke blurted out "sixteen". I had to point out to the waiter that as Luke was a slave it was up to underage lesbian girls me what he drank, and that the law restricting beer to those over eighteen only applied to free men, and it all was easy then.Whether it was the beer that had relaxed him, or whether my "lessons" the previous night were beginning to have some effect, it's hard to say - but I had no trouble with Luke lol 13yo underage jerking me vombat underage girls off and eating my cum that night. Although perhaps that's because I'd already had to tan his butt (only gently, as a reminder, not really hard) when I had earlier stripped off and told him to wash my briefs and his slave shorts as they were sweaty from our run, and he'd at first refused. I lay there on the bed in family naturism underage my favourite relaxed attitude - one arm behind my head propping it up, ankles crossed, and with my other hand underage teenie model playing with my dick, as I watches him work away - I really liked the interplay of his muscles as he stood there at the sink, scrubbing away at my briefs with the soap - as he was washing his own shorts, too, I got that pleasing view of glimpses of his dick between his naked thighs as he stood there with his back to me. underage nudist boys He was like Jamie in so many ways, and I knew that with proper toning and training his body could end up as good as that of his brother.We got to Jon and Anne's underageteengirls com late afternoon, and they were astonished to see Luke, and I had a lot of explaining to do about how I'd acquired him. He managed to look really bashful as I explained about the drugs problem, but I put my arm around him as I told them that it wasn't going to be an issue as in the two days we'd been together - really closely together underage pedo rompl - I hadn't detected any wrong behaviour on Luke's part. "I reckon he's lucky, actually", I told them. "He's been caught in time, before he got addicted. It was just 'testing the system' almost, and he was found out before he started that dreadful slide down. With me looking after him, and with his brother, too, once I've collected Jamie, there won't be an chance of him going off the rails."I suppose it's the way women are, but at dinner that night Anne was especially nice to Luke, and he responded by being bright and chatty, laughed at her jokes, told her about his life, and all that stuff. tiny underage teen In fact it was me who seemed to be in Anne's bad books, especially when I told Luke he couldn't have dessert, he looked appealingly at Ann, and she served him some and he started to eat it. Of course I slapped him hard, 100 hottest underage so hard that it knocked him off his chair on to the floor, as he needed to be reminded of who was in charge."Steve!", Anne cried out. "What.....""Sorry. I apologise on Luke's behalf, for upsetting you....""It's not Luke, it's you, Steve - you hit him, you....""Anne, he's a slave. My slave. And for his own good he's got to learn to obey. controversial underage nudity You heard me tell him he could not have dessert, and yet he started to eat it! underage boys masturbation A slave can't be allowed to get away with that sort of disobedience - it's not good for him. He's got to learn to obey his owner, obey completely.""But you hit him.....""...and I'll hit him again, and again, until he learns. He's got to realise that he's living in a different world now. I had to learn, and it was even tougher for me - they don't only slap you gently, as I did then - at the gladiator school it's the punishment cane, the whip....""Steve's right, darling.", Jon interrupted, seeing Anne was about underage porn pix to argue. "And even if he's not, we shouldn't interfere between an owner and his slave. underage childporn Luke needs to learn to behave in the way Steve wants him to."Anne stood up. "Well I'll need to go and make up a bed for Luke in the study. I'll leave you savage men to your own devices....""That won't be necessary, Anne. Luke will sleep with me.""But there's only a king size bed in the guest room....""It's not a problem. I'm used to sleeping with other guys - us gladiators did it all the time. Sharing a bed makes you closer to your buddies....""Well I'm underage show sure that's OK for you, Steve. But not for Luke. I'll make a bed up for him.""Ann, I don't like to throw your hospitality in your face, and you can do what you like about making up a bed. foto underage But Luke will share with me tonight, and every night. Just as he has been underage german models these last two nights. He won't be any trouble - we won't even need any extra towels, as he uses mine once I'm through with it.....""Luke, never mind what Steve says, you come with me and I'll cg underage pics show you where you are going to be sleeping...."Luke glanced at me, then said quietly "Thank you, ma'am. But Steve has said I will be sleeping with him, and so that's where I'll be."I have to say I felt pleased that my training was beginning to pay off. And that I'd have Luke's body next to me all night, of course! But I knew we'd have underage xxx clips to be extra careful about not spilling cum, as An would almost certainly not understand that this is what guys did together in bed.Apart from that little argument, dinner was kind of fun that night nubiles underage teens as Ann was good hostess and we had a special dinner - real prime rib and all the trimmings. And I suppose there was a general air of expectancy about it - something I'd looked forward to for so long, and now it was about to be fulfilled. I couldn't help but be happy at the thought that I'd have Jamie "free" the following day. Luke was good at dinner, too - a really well brought up kid, who passed the vegetables without having to be asked, who said "yes, please" so politely, and who didn't join in our adult conversation with a lot of "kid's talk" - in fact fucking underage indians it was almost as if he was preparing to be a slave, learning not to speak unless spoken to!After dinner I told Luke to go to bed whilst Ann and Jon and I carried on talking, and he seemed reluctant to do so. Ann asked me if he couldn't stay up, and Luke said "Yes, please! That would be great, Steve."Without thinking I slapped him - not hard, just enough to remind him who was in charge, and Ann again seemed horrified. underage asian galleries She snapped at me that I had no right to bully a kid like Luke, and that a big man like me ought to know better!"Luke, get to bed!", I said calmly, then, when he turned to go, I looked at Ann directly. nudist gallery underage "I'm sorry you feel that way, Ann. But part of Luke's problem, as I've told you, is that he never learned to obey his father properly, so he got more and more wild, confident that he could do anything he liked. And you see where that got him - he's a slave, at least for the next five years. And I'm his owner, and I'm not going to make the same mistake as his father did - quite apart from the fact that a slave must obey his owner or suffer the underage black kiddy consequences, I'm determined that Luke will learn to behave properly - and that includes not interrupting me, and not questioning my orders or disobeying my commands. You're not making it any easier for him to learn those lessons by taking his side, you know.""But you have no cp porno underage right to hit him, a big, strong man like you and a sixteen year old....""Ann, my size and his age have got nothing to do with underage model nonnude it! You've got that all wrong. He's a slave, and I'm his owner, and that's all that matters. It will be kinder for him in the end, underaged hairy you know: a few slaps and taps from me now will correct all the bad ways he got into as he was growing up, and he'll avoid the need for much harsher punishments later: suppose I sold him and he was then disobedient: his new owner might order him to be whipped....""You're not going to sell him, are you? That's monstrous....""Ann, get real, will you? No, of course I don't want to sell Luke, any more than I intend to sell Jamie. underage sunbbs But you've got to think about what happens to slaves: suppose I had to sell him - if I ran out of money, or if I was convicted of an offence that made it unlawful to own slaves? Then I'd have to sell, wouldn't I? So it's blowjob teen underage as well that Luke learns the proper ways of a slave now, from me, relatively gently,. Those blows don't hurt him - well, not really - they sting and throb for a bit, but I'm careful not to damage underage girl porns him - quite apart from the fact that I don't injure kids normally, you need to remember nude underage latinas that it's me who'd end up having to pay the medical bills! It's not as if I'm not experienced in this - we had a lot of young gladiators at the school, you know, and all of us older guys demanded proper respect from them. And if underaged wet pussy they didn't give it, we were used to punishing them. They all soon learned, and Luke will be just the same."""I think you're wrong....""Ann, you can think what you like. But I'm telling you, that's the way it works. And when you have the child..." I smiled softly, "...our child, I suppose I should say, I hope you have the good sense to discipline him as he's growing up, so he doesn't behave like Luke and Jamie did, and get enslaved."Even as I said it, I realised I'd made a big mistake. I at once tuned to Jon, and went underage model top100 on "Look, I'm sorry.... I talked about 'our' kid, and nuaghty underage teen of course he'll be yours and Ann's. But I hope you'll do right by him, and make sure you discipline him properly as he's growing up." I smiled broadly then and added "...but of course if it all doesn't work out, then you can always call me up and I'll buy him underage bbs danish - you won't be able to, as his registered father!"Ann laughed, so I guess I was forgiven. "You're making a big assumption there, Steve. You're video cp underage thinking you've fathered a son.... I'd remind you that's it's as likely to be a daughter!"I have to say I hadn't thought about that. Somehow I'd imagined that one day I'd meet my son - probably not as his sire, of course. I'd kind of hoped that they'd keep it a secret from him, then one day I'd visit them, and I'd be able to see how my youngest underage son had turned out. But a daughter? Well, that was something else!We talked on a bit after that, but I was tired after the journey - and I wasn't used to drinking all the wine they gave me, so I turned in relatively quickly after that. Luke was lying there in the bed, of course, and he watched me as I underage bbs forum stripped off my clothes and walked into the bathroom to clean my teeth. I came out again and slid into the bed - one of the advantages of sleeping with another guy of course is that he can warm the sheets up for you - I'd never really liked the way there's that initial coldness against your skin as you get into bed, so I slid in petite underage gallery beside Luke then pushed him to the other side of the bed so I could lie in the warm space he'd already created. Then I pulled him towards me so I could spoon up against his back, and ran my hand down his chest, felt the tightness of his belly, then cupped his dick in my hand. The little bugger was hard!"Did I tell you that you could jerk off? That's what you've been doing, isn't it? I told you we had to be careful about underage kids defloration spilling cum, and I get in here and find you hard as a rock...""No, Steve....""You know what lying to me gets you, don't you, Luke? You've already underage ls magazines felt my hand once this evening.""I wasn't jerking off, Steve. Honest I wasn't. I was just lying here, and it kind of happened. It does, you know. Or don't you remember being sixteen? I guess it's different for an old guy like you, you have to play with yourself to get hard. But guys like me...."I slid against him so that my dick lodged in his butt crack, and as I did so I felt my dick start to stiffen. "Oh, I don't know, swedish underage porno Luke - I sometimes manage to spring a boner spontaneously, you know...."I turned him over to face me, and underage girlie pics we were both laughing. I pulled his dick against mine and stroked us both - there's something special about doing that, I always think: it really bonds two guys together, somehow. "But now we've started, we'd better continue, or neither of us will get any sleep. So get down on me, and get to work!".End Of Part Twenty Seven.
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